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Q is a GPL game written byHenk Vergonet. You need to have KDE installed in order to run Q.

How to play

The object of the game is to get rid of all stones in their respective sinks, ie a hole with the same color. Balls may only move horizontally or verically and they will keep on moving until they hit something. Tip: Think in squares. You can navigate the selected ball by pressing the mouse in the direction you want it to move, or use the arrow keys.

That's all, sounds easy, but depending on board setup you'll have to do some thinking ahead in order to sove the puzzle.


Q Screenshot. (Your browser needs png support view it)




Q Does nothing than waste your time.


29-12-2002 q-0.1 released on source forge.


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qgame-0.1.tar.gz Should compile out of the box when working with "old stuff" KDE2 ... like me;).
qgame-0.1.kde3.tar.gz Thanks to a patch from Andreas (kde.com) we now have a version wich should compile out of the box for KDE3.


The guys at apps.kde.com have released binary versions for the mayor comercial Linux distributions, be sure to check these out if you don't want the hassle of compiling it yourself.


apps.kde.com For creating binary distributions and kde3 compatibility patch.
SourceForge.net Logo For hosting this project.

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